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Long Distance MovingOur company offers you a full range of moving services. We are always glad to transport your things and cargo within Canada and to/from United-States at reasonable prices.


We have trucks of different sizes, loaders with big experience of work and have all resources to transport your things on a tight timetable, whether this is moving to your new house, apartment or a new office. We understand that moving can be required urgently therefore we work round-the-clock without days off, not depending upon the season or weather.

Alongside with other things we can offer the following services for you:
Free consultation of our professional specialists on any questions concerning moving;
You can solve the problem of durable storage using our warehouse for your things;
You can economize to 65% if you apply for consolidated moving;
You get the insurance and our company bears responsibility for moving. It will help you to avoid risks.
We offer reliable materials for packaging of your furniture, home appliances and other property. It will help you to keep them safe.
We have all necessary equipment for transportation.

You can order:

Regular moves
When we transport only your things in the truck at this or the next day. Send your details via online form and you will get the assessment within several hours! You can also invite our specialist to your place for assessment it is absolutely free!

Consolidated moves
If you order consolidated moving you can economize to 65% of the amount you pay for standard moving. When consolidated moving is ordered we transport things from several apartments at one truck simultaneously.

Get a special offer
We offer additional discount on the standard moving in the case we have order on the moving in the opposite direction at the same day. For instance, when we have an order for moving from Montreal to Toronto on the 1st of June then we will offer the discount for you in case you need to move from Toronto to Montreal on this day.

You will see the schedule of moves that are going to take place soon on the webpage of consolidated moving. If you do not see the direction that you need contact us and we will try to help you with it.

Our rates for moving in Canada (main directions)

moving from Montreal to Ottawa / from Ottawa to Montreal

from $149

moving from Montreal to Quebec / from Quebec to Montreal

from $149

moving from Montreal to Toronto / from Toronto to Montreal

from $199

You get many benefits when you cooperate with us:

You save your time and money
Get services of high level
You can plan your moving well
Get fixed payment of your moving

The type of moving, urgency, address, the type of your house, floor, the type of loading and unloading, the distance from the door to the truck, the number of things that you move and a lot of other factors influence the final price of moving. Our specialists can help you to calculate the cost and will offer the fixed price BEFORE you move without any additional charges.
If you need supplemental information on moving in Canada you can get it in the following ways:

Call us and our specialist will provide you with all necessary information within 10 minutes, including approximate moving cost of transportation (moving).
You can send us your details via the online form and you will get the assessment within several hours.

The final cost will be agreed upon only after our visit to you.

We have flexible schedule of work from 9am - 8pm. When you apply to us you make the right choice!

We are waiting for your applications!

Local: 1-514-591-5122

Toll Free: 1-855-591-5122


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Nordtrans is a Montreal moving company. Only professional and smart montreal movers. We do local moving and long distance moving. We are doing every weekend moving from Montreal to Toronto and moving from Toronto to Montreal. Also we are doing every weekend moving from Montreal to Ottawa and moving from Ottawa to Montreal. And weekly moving from Montreal to Quebec and moving from Quebec to Montreal. Also to&from other cities. We are movers Montreal.