» Calculator online : How it works?

Calculator online : How it works?

Montreal and suburbsFixed price moving is a unique service of the moving company in Montreal.  You can calculate the cost of moving on your own. We agree with the price that was obtained with online calculator in 99% of cases!


    This is something many people dream about  - to be aware of the budget in advance and not to worry about anything when moving. You should not think about the timing in this case as it becomes the problem of the moving company.
    We have been providing this service for over 4 years already! We have arranged moves for great number of clients and the majority of them were pleased with the service!

Who is this service intended for?
The service is ideal for all people who move the studio, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment.
If it`s  a house or a large apartment, we recommend you to invite an agent to make a FREE estimate at your place.

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Here are some frequently asked questions

What's the most profitable for your move : fixed price or hourly rate?

    The answer`s not simple. The total cost of the move depends on many factors. There are moves, when the fixed price is cheaper, then hourly rate, sometimes the opposite situation occurs. But the calculation is based on a large number of moves and our experience, it`s not a big difference. And often we advise - if you help to load and unload your belongings, of course, choose a payment by hour, - it`ll cost you less. Otherwise, we recommend you choose a fixed price.

How does it work?
     You enter all data to the form, such as addresses of both locations, distance between locations, floor number, date and a list of things you are going to move. Then press –Result- to get the flatprice. This is how the final cost is calculated. We check the calculation and the offer will be sent to you within 10 business hours and we book your moving after you confirm it. One day before of your move, we will call you to know about changes in your moving list. If there are changes, we recalculate the cost. The next day we come to you and during 5-10 minutes we check all the details then begin to work!

Do I have to order your service in case I use your calculator?

No. After you use the online calculator and choose the option, we will send you an offer by e-mail and will ask you to confirm your moving again. Besides, we will offer two options for you:

1. Fixed payment
2. Hourly payment
Using the calculator  you are not obliged to use the service!


What if I am not sure in the amount of small things and boxes?
    This is not a problem! 99% of clients are not able to say the number of boxes and small things in advance. You can write down rough estimations and later you will get an offer where rate per unit will be specified (a box, a package, etc).
1 day before moving the representative of the company will contact you to define more exactly a list of things.
In case of changes recalculations will be made (you can either add or remove boxes when you recalculate the cost). Normally, we count $ 1.50-2.00 per box.


What else is included to the service?
    Travel time, transport , packing of big items, basic insurance, taxes GST 5%& QST 9.975% (2014) are included into the final cost in addition to loading and unloading. We emphasize the fact that this is a final price and no additional charges are implied after you pay it.

What if I am not sure that the list of things I am going to move is complete?
    If you are not sure yet what large things you are going to move, then it is better to postpone the calculations up to the moment, when you can make the list of things with 90% accuracy. Alternatively, you can choose the option with hourly payment.


When will additional fees be applicable ?
1. When there is an item that weights 80 kg and more
2. When the distance from the truck to the door is 60 meter and more ( from the direct entrance to your home)
3. When an unconventional way of moving is necessary ( ex. through window or over balcony)
4. When moving of a pianos, workout machines, comercial sewing machines/fridges, and most heavy commercial items


How much would the non-conventional method  of moviong cost me ?
Generally between 30-50$, but the price could vary depending on the weight , size, and complexity of item.  The price is determined on spot by the movers.  If you chose to send us images of the item with its dimensions and weight if known, we can give you a brief estimation on how much it could cost you .

What is the fee if the distance from the truck to your door exceeds 60 meters and more ?
Generally a minimum of 10%  applies , but the fees depend on the situation.

How much is it to move items that weight over 80 kg?
The fee depends on the judgement of the movers. This is evaluated on spot, and the price is set at the discretion of the movers.

What if  you need to pick up or leave something on the way?
    If you have three addresses enter the list of things and mention the additional address in the section of commentaries. Your wishes will be regarded when your application form is processed by our manager. In this case you add the cost of extra travel time.

Do you check things before moving?
    Yes, we check the list of things that was agreed upon. When our moving team comes to move your things, we verify the moving list. If there is some discrepancy then we make fast recalculation. Still it would be better if you inform us about the changes in the moving list in advance. The representative of our company will contact you just before moving to confirm the details.

How do movers work?
It does not matter what plan you are going to choose. We provide high quality service in any case. The work will be done accurately and fast!

Do you cut down expenses when you serve the clients who chose the fixed payment option?
No. We provide the same service at the same level of quality. Besides, we can provide more people for moving if it is necessary.

What if there is something that was not included to the application form?
You should write to us about it and this will be taken into consideration when your application is processed.

You cannot find your city into the list?
    We divided the places geographically: Montreal, Laval therefore you should point out the area what is closer for you. If you do not see your city in the list, then you should choose the location that is close to your place.

What influences the quotations most of all?
    The most considerable factors that influence the price are the number of things that you will move, floor number, elevator, distance between locations and the data of the planned moving.

Do you want to save some money?

Here are some recommendations for you:


- Move all boxes and small things on your own.
- Change the data of your moving if you have flexible schedule. The rates are higher at the end of the month, especially on the last Saturday of the month and Sunday from the 29th to the 2nd day of the next month.
- You can get a discount if you agree to move after dinner or in the evening.
- You can get a discount if you or your friends or relatives used the service before and chose the fixed payment option. (You should know the date of their moving.)
- Move on the days when special offers are provided for you. We guarantee good discount on promotion days.
- Ask our employee if some discount is available for you. Feel free to ask for additional discount!

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