» Moves within Montreal and the suburbs

Moves within Montreal and the suburbs

Transportation within Montreal and the suburbs    The company Nordtrans has proven to be a reliable carrier that moves forward with confidence, offering quality service to their clients. We take solid positions in our segment of the market but do not stop on what we have achieved. We continue to expand the geography of transportation and increase the list of services offered by us. All this does not stay without attention and our customer base is expanding. That gives us an additional impulse for development.

How much does is cost to move from an apartment or private house?

    What is the price for moving ? This is one of the main questions that occurs to the person who is going to move. The answer to it is simple. Every company has its own price-list and prices can be different. But one should not hurry to apply to the first company he runs across to. No company is going to move your belongings providing quality service for a song. We know how to organize the moving on a high quality level fast that would be beneficial for you.

We have a unique offer for you that will make the service even more alluring. You can decide on your own how you are going to pay for the moving.

  • Hourly payment

You can choose an hourly payment of our services. Our rate begins from $30 per hour.

Our basic rates per hour:

Truck 16/20 feet
Truck + 2 movers              65-75$
Truck + 3 movers              85-95$

Cargo van 10/12 feet

Cargo van + 1 mover         30-40$
Cargo van + 2 movers        50-60$
2 movers (no truck)            50-60$

    All depends upon the size of the truck, the date of moving and the distance. During the period between May 22 to July 5, rates may vary. Also Nordtrans charges one hour travel time for local moves.
  • Fixed payment

    As an alternative we offer the fixed payment of moving. We work successfully on this scheme in the course of five years and it proved to be effective.

    The clients are pleased. They do not have to care about the total cost – that it will turn out to be higher than the budget they planned. The moving is rather troublesome problem and both sides try to avoid extra worries. Order moving with a fixed payment and then we will shoulder responsibility for it fully while you will feel free from the load of problems. You can apply online calculator that can evaluate the cost of moving for you.

    In order to count the price you will have to point out the main parameters: the number of things, distance, floor and etc.If questions appeared how to use the calculator we recommend to visit the FAQ page.

You can find out the fixed price of moving in 2 different ways – to use our online calculator or to invite our agent to your place.

Save your money together with us!

Is it possible to save money with is? This question is of interest to many. We proudly assert that it is possible to economize with us!
So, our services in different decades of month can vary in price. You can reduce your expenditures if you apply to us in the middle of the month. In the beginning and at the end of the month our prices rise slightly.

You can also economize if you refuse from one of our services. That means that you can use our services ordering our truck (without movers) or on the contrary – the truck is yours and the loaders are ours.

If you want to know how to save if you choose the fixed price, such opportunity is also provided. There is the whole list offered at this page!

We value trust of our clients
    Trust of our clients is one of the main assets that we have at our disposal at present. We are not going to lose it! Our company always puts it on the first place. When clients entrust us with moving they know that they will not have to worry. We will shoulder all troubles of apartment moving. With assistance of our specialists you can easily overcome this problem. You have to move to a new place and move everything that was so dear to you in order to create the comfort zone there.

    Our specialists are professional in what they do. They will help you to pack your furniture, assemble and dissemble it. They will look after accurate and correct loading and will care about the storage of your belongings. The moving date you have chosen can offer you optimal and profitable solution that is beneficial for you first of all. More than 5000 clients have been satisfied with work of our company.

We guarantee that we will always work with utmost efficiency for you!

Are you ready? Then let's go!

Local: 1-514-591-5122

Toll Free: 1-855-591-5122


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