» Moving from Montreal to Ottawa. Long distance moves

Moving from Montreal to Ottawa. Long distance moves

Montreal to Ottawa    Montreal is larger than Ottawa that is located in the Province of Ontario. But nevertheless, Ottawa is the capital of Canada and one of the best cities in the world regarding the level of life. That is why lots of people come here every year. Some people choose this city as the permanent residence and some people are attracted by carrier opportunities. Here there are concentrated public institutions and international company offices. Due to such conditions every year lots of people come here for permanent or temporary living. That is why moving services are increasingly in demand.            

    You may make your moving to Ottawa less troublesome and expensive. Our company has a wide experience in moving throughout Canada and knows how to organize your residential moving from Montreal to Ottawa.  

    It doesn’t matter if you move because of your job or you decided to change the place of living, a good and well-planned moving will essentially make your task easier. However in any case the best way out is to entrust this issue to the professionals. You may address to us and we will help you with your moving to Ottawa.

    At the beginning our representative will come to your place to precise all the details, terms and to sign the contract with you. You may choose the type of packing the most appropriate for you. We offer two types of packing: full packing – in this case we pack all your belongings including books, tableware and clothes; partial packing – this is more economical option; in this case we pack only big furniture and household equipment. Each client may choose the option the most appropriate for him/her. 

    Our loaders are very friendly and polite people and you may always address to them if you have any questions regarding your moving. It is very important to take into account all the details and not to worry about your belongings and the whole moving.

    Our company offers to its clients several types of moving services that differ from each other in cost and time. One of these types is consolidated moving. The feature of this moving is that our employees transport your belongings from several apartments or houses at the same time in one truck. In this way we reduce transportation costs. You may save up to 35% of the standard rate.  

    In case you need to transport your load in the opposite direction, you can get a discount and we save on transportation costs. Each our client may use the storage that is located in Montreal at the address: 8280 bd.St-Laurent H2P 2L8 Montreal, QC. We try to expand our business and offer to our clients more convenient and affordable service.

    You may choose non-urgent moving and use our storage services. In this case your moving will take from 3 up to 20 days. The price for such service is considerably lower and the quality of our services remains at its high level.

    You may choose the optimal conditions of moving after consulting with our specialists. They will definitely choose the option that is convenient and affordable for you. We always try to take into account our clients’ wishes and try to fulfill our obligations. This makes us feel confident about the quality of our services.

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