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Moving guide

Here are a few tips to make your move easier.  
Advices to the move  4 weeks before your move date:
  • Order Nordtrans moving service in advance.
  • Inform the suppliers, companies and organizations you work with about the change of your address.
  • Set the initial date of public and other services at your new address.
  • Sell, donate or just get rid of the things you don’t want to take with you.
Advices to the move  З1 week before moving: 
  • Prepare a moving plan, think of where you want to place the large things.
  • Start packing the things you don’t need at the moment.
  • Write the name, the contents and new place on the boxes.
  • Remember to reserve a place big enough for a truck on the parking lot by your house.
  • If there’s an elevator in the building, you have to inform administration and reserve the elevator for the transportation of your belongings.
Advices to the move  2 days before moving:
  •  Get all the things you need together. Don’t forget the all the necessary documents.
Advices to the move  1 day before moving:
  • Make a phone call to Nordtrans to confirm the order.
  • Make sure everything is ready for the transportation.
  • Defrost the refrigerator and freezer. Empty them. Don’t forget about the oven.
Advices to the move  Moving date:
  • Discuss the details of moving with the team.
  • Participate. You are free to advice on packing large things or their assembly/disassembling. Ask a friend for a help if you can’t be present during the moving.
  • Try to plan everything so you won’t get behind or ahead of the schedule.
  • Check the information in the contract (your address and telephone number) and check it with the driver. Make sure that you have provided a contact number to the movers while you are in transit.
  • Check the house in case you forgot something.
  • Make sure that all switches are turned off and windows and doors are closed.
  • Arrive at your new house and discuss the positioning of your things with our team again.
  • Pay the driver in end (in cash, with a certified cheque or a credit card).
Advices to the move  Packing tips:
  • We can offer you special boxes 1.5 and 2 sq ft in size. Pack small and heavy things into smaller boxes (books or dishes).
  • Mark the boxes with breakable things with “Fragile”. You may need to pack some clothes in large plastic bags.

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