Winter moving
Дата: 1-12-2014

Happy Holiday dear readers and clients!

It's Winter! During the severe Canadian Winters is the best time for moving! We are not joking.
Moving during winter differs greatly from moving in any other season. There's no doubt that it has its advantages. You can hire movers or rent a truck easily because it is the slow time of the year. Even though moving in the winter may be less pricy than those in other seasons, keep in mind that they may take more time.

We all know that the moving can be stressful for everyone. During the winter the situation seems to often become overwhelming. Here at Nordtrans, we will make your move the least stressful as possible. We will take care of your move and belongings! If you are looking for a professional moving team, we are ready to organize your best move yet!

Here is some great advice about moving in the winter based on our experience. They will help you prepare the house, belongings and yourself for this wonderful adventure of moving:
1. In winter there is snow and ice, making the ground slippery. So the first thing you should do is clear the entrance, sidewalk and driveway of all ice and snow. Do not forget the ground with salt or sand. This is extremely important to prevent injury. Also do not forget to prepare the new location with the same procedures. If you are moving locally just visit your new home beforehand and prepare everything. If you move long distance, ask your agent or property manager to organize the cleaning of the area for you.
2. Not the least important is to keep the winter weather supplies on hand. Snow shovels, ice melt or sand should be available at all times, since you never know when you will need them with the unpredictable weather changes.
3. Regardless of the season you move, you should always have a reserved a vacant parking place for the moving truck. No one wants to spend extra time searching for a neighbor who parked his car near your house to get him to move it.
4. Our company provides you with some floor runners. But they are enough just for a main hallway and most used corridors. All the rest of the floor is your responsibility to protect with the cardboard or plastic sheeting. Its important to protect your floor from snow, sand and water which movers obviously bring in with their boots.
5. Remember that the weather can change very quickly and unexpectedly. So try to keep an eye on it just to be prepared, its better to have a back-up plan in case of a sudden storm.
6. The moving process of plants is always risky, meaning that we cannot guarantee that they will arrive to your new home as green as they were before they went into the truck. You must protect your plants by wrapping them in plastic or warm blankets. Make sure the package will allow the plant to breathe and protect them from touching the walls of the truck.
7. Nowadays,  we all have electronic devices. Most electronic devices can overcome cold temperatures, but not extreme cold or condensation. Check what temperature is secure for the device user’s manuals. Make sure you packed them properly in moving blankets to protect them. Remember that the worst damage is condensation. So do not unpack electronics right away.  When you arrive give your devices a day to get used to your room temperature before plugging them in.
8. While moving in winter, be prepared to provide warm drinks to everyone helping you. Hot chocolate, tea and coffee will be is a great idea. Hot liquids are not great necessity but very pleasant at severe weather, it will also help them work more efficiently.
9. The last but not the least, have the heat to your new home turned on ahead. Nobody wants to come into a cold home. Also you will need functioning light and hydro systems in greatly important in case you arrive to your destination in the evening.


Winter moving can seem like a challenge, but using these pieces of advice will prepare you for a successful move. Let winter be a perfect time for your move! Save money and enjoy this wonderful season.

Our company Nordtrans is always at your service! Just call us and we will manage the moving of your home or business to any point on the map of Canada, our team of experienced movers is here to help.
Let winter moving be a pleasant one! What can be more exciting than starting a new year in a new home!

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