» Why Nordtrans?

Why Nordtrans?

Our priority:

Customer care is our first and foremost priority.

Our policy:
  • Professionalism, zeal and honesty. 
  • Free consulting and estimate. 
  • We always maintain and live up to our spotless reputation.

Our services:
  • Moving services within Montreal and suburbs.
  • Moving services within Canada.
  • Storage services.
Price or Quality. With Nordtrans you don’t have to choose!
  • Nordtrans professionals work hard to save your money.  
  • The better is moving equipment the better quality and price of the service. 
  • When we don’t have our usual busy days we offer you a special price!
  • Want consolidated moving in Canada? No problem!

  • Thousands of satisfied customers!
  • 7 years of experience and more than 5000 fully satisfied customers.
  • Our contract includes coverage for transported items, 50 000 $.  Nordtrans provides insurance for the property we transport.
  • The standard liability is calculated on the basis of  $0,60 per pound per transported item.
  • You can take out additional insurance for any moving and storage service not included under the general contract.
We are always pleased:
  • to provide information about our moving and storage services 
  • to meet your requirements
  • We hire only the best professionals 
  • Our wage rates are higher than in other moving companies.
  • No one can feel secure against unexpected circumstances. Our backup team is always ready to help you.
  • Our movers work  24/7 for you. 
  • Personnel care is one of our priorities that’s why we work out balanced schedule for our team
Legal regulation:
  • Nordtrans Inc is a registered company. We follow all the norms and regulations related to moving business in Canada, Quebec province in particular.
  • According to contract we are financially liable for the transported property.

Nordtrans trucks:
  •  All our trucks are inspected insured and registered  
  • They are equipped with loading ramps. No ineffective gate-ramps. 
  • All our trucks and equipment undergo careful maintenance checkup. 
  • Our trucks are equipped with special mounting for fixing the load.
  • Nordtrans trucks are equipped with safe truck bodies.
  • The best furniture packing materials. 
  • Other equipment for service improvement. 
  • Web slings for large-size items.                    
  • When dealing with overall size electrical equipment we don’t use carts to carry it down the stairs. 
  • We use protective covering for your carpet or floor if necessary. 
  • Special protective packing for you mattresses.
  • Our drivers always stay in touch with the customer during the transportation.
  • All the trucks are equipped with GPS for coordinating the best rout.  
  • A customer may order the boxes for their belongings. 
Storage service:
  • We offer the best price for the storage.
  • We are always ready to meet the customer halfway! That’s why you can pay for the storage once a week!    
  • Only customers are allowed on the territory of the warehouse. No trespassers!

Local: 1-514-591-5122

Toll Free: 1-855-591-5122


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Nordtrans is a Montreal moving company. Only professional and smart montreal movers. We do local moving and long distance moving. We are doing every weekend moving from Montreal to Toronto and moving from Toronto to Montreal. Also we are doing every weekend moving from Montreal to Ottawa and moving from Ottawa to Montreal. And weekly moving from Montreal to Quebec and moving from Quebec to Montreal. Also to&from other cities. We are movers Montreal.